alhambra CLASSICAL AND FLAMENCO GUITARS at savino music.

The scenic town of Muro de Alcoy in Spain is home to a classical world full of history and pride. It is not surprising that it is also home to Alhambra Guitars, a company that builds some of the most elegant and prideful classical guitars known to the world.

From their start in the 1960s to their contemporary foothold in the world of music, Alhambra has been able to attract and build a team of skilled luthiers and dedicated partners to refine and distribute their guitars around the globe.

Alhambra Guitars Miami

Working alongside Alhambra is a point of pride and joy for Savino Music, and their dedication to not only high-class instruments but world-conscious efforts of environmental friendliness makes this partnership all the more crucial to Savino Music’s mission.



Savino Music, Chema Vilchez, Juan Pablo Diaz of Live Modern School of Music and Alhambra.

Gianni Savino, Chema Vilchez, Juan Pablo Diaz and Alhambra at Live!