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  1. Fantasia No. 7
  2. Lute Suite No. 2, BWV 997 - Prelude
  3. Lute Suite No. 2, BWV 997 - Fugue
  4. Lute Suite No. 2, BWV 997 - Sarabande
  5. Lute Suite No. 2, BWV 997 - Gigue
  6. Lute Suite No. 2, BWV 997 - Double
  7. Sonata Eroica
  8. Asturias - Suite Española No. 1, Op. 47
  9. Pensamiento Español
  10. Élégie pour la stèle d'un inconnu
  11. Usher Waltz, Op. 29

Born in Jordan to parents of Palestinian origin, Harb moved to Canada to commence university studies. He studied both the violin and the guitar with guitarists Roddy Elias, Patrick Kearney, Jerome Ducharme, Dr. Garry Antonio, Dr. Jeffrey McFadden, and with violinists Claude Gelineau and Clemens Merkel of the Bozzini Quartet. Harb also participated in many masterclasses including one run by Lorenzo Micheli, Jason Vieaux, Pavel Steidl, Rémi Boucher, and Manuel Barrueco. Harb holds a Masters in Performance degree from McGill University, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Musical Arts at the University of Toronto."