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Savino Music - Guitar Gallery - is a company dedicated to the distribution of high-end classical, flamenco and nylon string guitars. Savino Guitar Gallery represents Jose Ramirez, Manuel Contreras, Paulino Bernabe, Kenny Hill and other guitar makers.  Our offices are located in Miami.

Savino Music travels abroad > Madrid


Recent news about classical and flamenco guitars of Jose Ramirez, Paulino Bernabe, Manuel Contreras, Kenny Hill, Robert Desmond and Alhambra. 

Savino Music travels abroad > Madrid

Gianni Savino


madrid, spain


We went back to Madrid this year to reconnect with our Luthier friends, and to pay a very special visit to Paulino Bernabe's wonderful studio and home.

Saturday morning I met with Victoria Velasco, who handed me an impeccable Manuel Contreras Double Top for me to bring to our store.

Victoria recently shared some exciting news about the new office she's opening in Madrid Río and we couldn't be happier for her. We're proud to continue our partnership and wish her the very best on this new endeavor.

Paulino Bernabé welcomes us to his home in Madrid, Spain.

June 26th, 2015 | PB Studio | "Tools & treasures"

That afternoon I had the honor of meeting Paulino Bernabé and his family at his home & studio space.  The entry door is open to the garden, where we took the photo below, and upstairs is the studio, or "creative laboratory" as he likes to think of it.  

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

Stay tuned for the full story and videos

From left to right: Manuel, Paulino Jr., Paulino Bernabé and Luciana, from Savino Music.

From left to right: Manuel, Paulino Jr., Paulino Bernabé and Luciana, from Savino Music.