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Savino Music - Guitar Gallery - is a company dedicated to the distribution of high-end classical, flamenco and nylon string guitars. Savino Guitar Gallery represents Jose Ramirez, Manuel Contreras, Paulino Bernabe, Kenny Hill and other guitar makers.  Our offices are located in Miami.


Recent news about classical and flamenco guitars of Jose Ramirez, Paulino Bernabe, Manuel Contreras, Kenny Hill, Robert Desmond and Alhambra. 

Paulino Bernabé 10 string Classical Guitar

Gianni Savino

The Master builder, Mr. Paulino Bernabé, created yet another astonishing 10 string Work of art. This immaculate Cedar Top guitar reminds us of the great Narciso Yepes who, with great virtuosity, drove hundreds of people to his concerts who appreciated the endless sound palette of his music and his guitar. 

Paulino Bernabé 10 stConcert Classical Guitar

Paulino Bernabé 10 stConcert Classical Guitar