A little something about the Jose Ramirez 130 Años

The name 130 Años refers to one hundred and thirty years of building fine classical guitars. Worldwide the Ramirez name is immediately associated with quality, longevity, tradition, innovation, creativity, as well as with a long list of great virtuosos that have chosen it for decades.

Ramirez has had a close relationship with Japan for many years, so when the country was devastated by the Tsunami in 2011, Amalia Ramirez immediately thought of paying homage. That´s exactly what this guitar is. A tribute to the people of Japan who have courageously moved forward after such adversity.

The 130 Años is a professional guitar with a clean and romantic tone. It represents the high standards of the brand that keeps evolving and reinventing itself to deliver the best instruments possible at very reasonable prices.  String separation is very good, very nice sustain specially on the second and third strings, and a breathtaking timbre on the middle section. An absolute gorgeous limited edition with a charm of its own and a lovely sound.   

This classical guitar is among the few; the very privileged and praiseworthy that already have a place in the history of the instrument and that as of next year, when its production stops, will be greatly missed.

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José Ramírez 130 Años.