Thibaut Garcia and his Paulino Bernabe guitar

Music notes are just sitting on a piece of paper. They can't sing, express themselves, look interesting or create entertainment on their own. Same for woods and classical guitar materials. Regardless of their quality, type or cost they won't become a musical instrument, until...

Thibaut Garcia, the remarkable young, confident musician from France had it clear he wanted to play a Paulino Bernabe Royal guitar. This exceptional guitarist, winner at the Guitar Foundation of America Guitar Competition and the Festival de Guitarra Petrer, among others, partnered with the highest end classical guitar of the Bernabe Shop in Spain. This romance has resulted in exquisite performances all over the world, impeccable recordings and his name as one of the top players who preferred a Bernabe guitar.

Mr. Garcia came to Miami last year, invited by The Miami Classical Guitar Society for a recital. Very few privileged witnessed both his articulate and very unique touch on the guitar and the sound and vitality of this Bernabe Royal.

The great artist Paulino Bernabe, who is continuously praised as one of the best luthiers in the world, keeps pushing the boundaries of the craft and creating some of the most impressive guitar collections. Every now and then he changes the name of a model or alters a reference. But his real genius is poured into every guitar he builds and details every time, breaking the norm and bringing something fresh and exciting to his fans. 

We always insist on the magical music partnerships bring. Thibaut and Paulino are leaving audiences worldwide in awe, and here at Savino Music we couldn't be happier of representing the art of Bernabe in the Americas.