She's got to have the looks

Let's understand aesthetics as the evidence of how perfect the unseeing is, as opposed to just 'make up' and visual embellishment. The looks of a guitar are very important as they make the statement that hard work has been put into the craft, good materials have been selected to build it and the guitar maker has a thorough quality control standard.

Over and over we emphasize the same: if it doesn't look good don't buy it.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that a good looking instrument sounds good. It means that a good sounding instrument must look good.

Building a classical guitar is really difficult. There are so many elements that have to go into place that if any of them is absent the instrument can go in a second from extraordinary to ordinary. Sanding too little or sanding too much, climate and weather conditions, the guitar maker's mood, the intention, etc.

The same level of attention that you see with your eyes on a guitar is there where you don't see it. Ultimately, when going for a high end classical guitar you are looking for sound, and the first point of reference is the aesthetic value that the instrument brings.

Next time, when you're looking for your professional guitar pay close attention to the marquetry, to the bindings, purflings and to the rosette.  It's not about how much color they have, it's about how precise, clean and neat they have all been blended together to provide a sensational sound in a beautiful compound.

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 Paulino Bernabe M15 Classical Guitar at M15 Model

Paulino Bernabe M15 Classical Guitar at M15 Model