The MIDI guitar

MIDI is ultimately a bridge that connects musical instruments, computers, amplifiers, effects, consoles, etc. It is a language, it has its own vocabulary and with it the universal language of music can interconnect.

There was a time when we didn't even get questions about it. MIDI was a complicated mechanism, difficult to connect to a classical guitar and complex to understand. The story today is very different. And it is so, mainly because MIDI has evolved a lot and companies that are at the vanguard have made it simple.

Guitar players today have all the tools to record, to experiment with sounds and textures, to play live and to rehearse without having to carry around three bags full of gear.  For instance, the MIDI system of Ramirez guitars is a sophisticated built in mechanism which can work perfectly well by just plugging in your guitar. Its independent microphones for every string, enable you to create the sound you are looking for with no obstructions.

The feedback is 100% positive. MIDI guitars are more in tune with the music scene of today, versatile, loud and unexpected. A guitar player who shows up to an audition needs to be ready and this MIDI system is definitely the way to do that.

If one is looking for a traditional sounding guitar, MIDI can work as a pre-amplifier to better project one's music. If one needs his classical guitar to sound as a rooster, as a giraffe, as a car, as a piano, violin, orchestra, an electric guitar, etc., MIDI will do that with the right pedal.

Possibilities are endless. The level of easiness is marvelous. If you don't have a MIDI guitar in your collection, it might be time for you to consider it. The universe that awaits is beyond description.

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