Where's your attention?

Enough of the boring stuff, please. There´s such an array of exciting music out there, created by musicians who are inspired by life, moved by daily situations, touched by the unstoppable- powerful force of kindness, laughter, color, light and joy, that there really makes no sense to put one´s attention elsewhere.

If anyone is thinking that cruelty and the false idea of control is ruling this world, they better think again. Art is the only fountain, the only engine and the only source of energy that moves everything. 

Every morning we wake up to so many original compositions which bring up the human spirit in such a way, that we feel rejuvenated and blessed just to be alive. We hear Brazilian quartets playing and it´s impossible not to dance; we hear pop singers with their catchy spirit and it´s impossible not to sing along; we hear jazz guitar solos or a classical guitar player articulating and finding new routes of phrasing and we can't help getting goosebumps. 

It's all in your attention. There are millions of miracles taking place continuously. There are millions of people working hard every day, honestly and with enthusiasm. Let's correct the direction of our attention, as far away as possible from the boring stuff, from tricks and falsehood. Again, the real force comes from art, from creativity and inspiration.

This is a very nice piece of music, perfect to get your attention back on the right path.