Strings DO make a difference

After 30 years of playing nylon string guitars - classical, flamenco and cutaways - we have proved that strings do make a difference. Furthermore, experience has taught us that not all high quality strings serve all high quality guitars in the same fashion. Some are more comfortable with lighter strings, some with thicker strings, some with carbon and some with titanium. There are hundreds of references in the market but we will concentrate just on two brands which we consider the best: the German Hannabach Exclusive MT and the Spanish Knobloch Sterling.

The set of Hannabach Exclusive MT offer consistency, volume, clarity of sound and bring out the tone of the guitar. Ramirez and Contreras instruments for instance, feel very comfortable with this Hannabach reference.  Lower end Ramirez get enhanced projection and a beautiful texture with Hannabach. Contreras guitars feel rounder and definitely louder. The strings provide outstanding definition when played hard and great sensitivity when played soft.

Out of the hundreds of classical and flamenco guitars in the market, we carry only what we consider the best, both for its quality and for its value. Reviewing Hannabach and Knobloch on Ramirez, Contreras, Bernabe, Alhambra, Hill and Desmond gives us a pretty good reference point.

If Hannabach Exclusive is a thicker, rounder, elegant, darker string, Knobloch Sterling is a lighter, brighter, sophisticated, versatile string. 

Bernabe Guitars make a perfect match with Knobloch Sterling. Paulino Bernabe has his own set of strings which are designed under the principles of projection. They are thin and provide great volume and sustain, as Knobloch. The main difference is that Knobloch is a way more luxurious string and thus produce a way more luxurious sound.  As Bernabe guitars are super modern and versatile, a string of such characteristics will match perfectly well with them.

A good set of strings can make a lousy guitar sound better. A lousy set of strings can make a good guitar sound lousy. 

These high end instruments come with good strings. Not great, but good.  Both Hannabach Exclusive MT and Knobloch Sterling add excitement to the sound of your guitar, volume, elegance and sophistication. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Be prepared to spend some money as these strings are not cheap, but definitely worth it. 

Knobloch Sterling is the perfect string for the contemporary player with a very diverse repertoire. Hannabach Exclusive is a fantastic set for a more traditional classical player who wants to squeeze every drop of tone of his instrument.

More to come on this subject.