Meeting with Kenny Hill at the Miami International Guitar Festival

We love what we do. Everyday gives us more reasons to love it even more despite all the adversities and difficulties. On Friday and Saturday we met with Kenny Hill after one year of not seeing each other. He's such a great luthier, business person, teacher and player, that the little time we shared was not enough to learn all we would have wanted from him, but we did get a lot.

Kenny looks 10 years younger and has such vitality and energy... we know now why his instruments sound like they do! On this opportunity, Kenny left with us a fantastic Performance Series Guitar in Cedar Top. An instrument with definition like no other, immaculate finish and super easy touch. You will see more of his guitars in our store from now on, as the demand for his craft keeps growing and growing and we definitely want to be a part of this!

You can visit his website   for more information on his models, or contact us directly at (305) 761-4558, or e mail us We will be more than happy to assist you!

More information on this coming very soon!