The Art of Julian Bream

The talent of the great Julian Bream is simply ineffable. His legacy will go on forever and his recordings will be listened a little longer than that.  

I always wondered where his sound came from, specially his way of articulating. I read the book "Julian Bream, The foundations of a musical career", and every chance I got to read an article about him in a magazine or newspaper I did. But I finally came to an understanding of his musical articulation when I heard him speak.  His diction was revealing to me. I even concluded at the time that this type of playing could have only come from  someone from England. The way Bream spoke his words was translated to the way he made his guitar sing.

Maybe I'm wrong, but where I'm right is that Bream's arrangement and interpretation of "Los Valses Poéticos" by Enrique Granados is probably the best version, the most authentic, soulful and spirited there is.  

We love you Julian Bream!