jose ramirez CLASSICAL GUITARS at savino music.

Jose Ramirez signals a revolution to the world of guitar luthiers. Since the late 19th century, his workshop has created beautiful instruments that have won over generations of classical musicians. After reinventing the rules of the craft, Jose Ramirez became a well known auteur in artisanal woodwork, and many luthiers have since followed in his path.

Marisa Sansano, Ana Avelino, Amalia Ramirez and Gianni Savino having fun in Miami after the conference on Segovia at the Miami International Guitar Festival.

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Now, the workshop operates in Madrid under Amalia Ramirez, Jose Ramirez’s daughter and apprentice, and a team of renown luthiers. There they continue to sand and sculpt the world’s best woods so that each instrument can carry with it a piece of Jose Ramirez’s legacy, creating the tones that are so familiar and desirable to players worldwide.

Since our conception, Savino Music has worked with Amalia Ramirez to bring these beautiful instruments from Madrid to myriad guitarists in Miami and Latin America. We continue to support the experienced luthiers at the Jose Ramirez workshop in an effort to bring the best guitars to the most dedicated musicians.

The precision of the luthiers makes it so that each guitar is built carefully and handsomely.

José Ramírez guitars are constructed from aged wood of the finest quality. Great care has been taken to use no wood before its time. Wood that is characteristic of generations past: Cedar, Ebony, German Spruce, Cypress, Indian Rosewood, and Jacaranda. Lately we are using the best quality of authorized rosewood and Red Cedar, which was first used by my father, José Ramírez III when he discovered its sonorous qualities. 

I personally supervise the construction process from start to finish, and all of the guitars must receive my final approval to indicate they are of the highest quality. My desire is to practice the time honored tradition of my fathers and build the very best guitar possible.  - Amalia Ramirez
  The Jose Ramirez studio in Madrid, Spain, has been longstanding since the 19th century.

The Jose Ramirez studio in Madrid, Spain, has been longstanding since the 19th century.