If you are looking for a word to define Desmond’s work it would have to be intense. He has always immersed himself with passion into his craft, looking to improve every aspect and every detail of the instrument. Recognized as one of the best luthiers in the United States, Desmond learned from Manuel Velasquez. 

His guitars have all the right ingredients. They have a beautiful tone, craftsmanship is as detailed as can be and its sound is huge. Mr. Desmond knows only about  building the best of the best, that's why his guitars are only of concert quality with the best woods and materials available. 

Everyone with knowledge on the classical guitar and its craft understands how significant his guitars are to luthiery. Collectors always ask about these instruments as they know their value is higher every day, same as musicians who constantly need to rely on a consistent instrument that won't let them down on stage or recording in the studio. 

Mr. Desmond has an ultra complete studio in Orlando, Florida. His tools, materials, wood collection and accessories are impeccably organized. We see this translates into his fine classical guitars.   

It is truly a matter of pride for Savino Music to partner with this fabulous guitar maker. We feel humbled and enthusiastic about this relationship. 

 Robert Desmond Studio in Orlando, FLorida   

Robert Desmond Studio in Orlando, FLorida