warranty policy.

Savino Music’s return + exchange warranty guarantee DOES cover the following:


  • Any instrument carrying a flaw or defect whose cause is the responsibility of the manufacturer (i.e., not caused by the buyer after the time of purchase) and is within the 2-year warranty timeframe after the date of purchase.


REMEMBER: Any returned instrument is the responsibility of the buyer until the instrument has been inspected and a Return Authorization is signed by both a Savino Music representative and the initial purchaser. Store credit may be given for a return within 30 days of the initial purchase; available exchange credit for an instrument return will depreciate after this 30-day window.


Savino Music’s return + exchange warranty guarantee DOES NOT cover the following:


  • Any instrument whose serial number has been changed, removed, or modified in any way.
  • Any instrument that has been modified or damaged due to improper care, transport, operation, be it by negligent or accidental cause.
  • Any instrument that undergoes change or damage from extreme humidity or temperature.
  • Any instrument that suffers change in coloration or damage to constituent materials, including wood finish and plating.
  • Shipping damages, accidental or not, that are not associated with Savino Music.
  • The subjective issue of tonal characteristics or accessorial embellishment.
  • Normal wear and tear, including, but not limited to: worn frets, worn machine heads, worn plating, scratched pickguards/golpeadores, used or worn strings, etc.

warranty help.

Savino Music hereby expresses that we do not meet any other warranty policies whatsoever. The policy on this page is the only policy we will honor for all merchandise bought or sold through our business.


Savino Music will not be held liable for any incidental or indirect damages suffered by the buyer or any third party. These damages include, but are not limited to: (a) loss of profits, business, or damages, directly or indirectly resulting from use of an instrument or merchandise bought from Savino Music; (b) any damages to the instrument at the time of purchase that has been pointed out by a Savino Music representative that the buyer has agreed to forgo in order to do business; (c) loss of subjective characteristics of the instrument (i.e., normal wear and tear) after the time of purchase from Savino Music.


For warranty assistance, contacts us by either phone or email. The instrument must be returned to Savino Music with original proof of purchase within the allotted timeframes. All shipping, transport, and insurance costs, both to and from the buyer, must be fully handled by the original purchaser of the merchandise. Once an instrument arrives at Savino Music for warranty assistance, it will undergo inspection to determine if the repair meets our warranty criteria. If the repair meets our criteria, the instrument flaw/defect will be repaired at no cost to the original buyer. If the repair does not meet warranty criteria, we will provide the buyer with a repair estimate for consideration of further action.

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